Evolution Stone Fly thorax & legs

Evolution Series Stonefly Nymph

The Evolution Series Stonefly nymph is the next cog in the ever-changing wheel of the fly tying future. The Evo. Series boasts some
of our most realistic, exciting, tier-friendly designs to ever be introduced into the world of fly tying. Hemingway’s product designers
took a natural Stonefly Nymph and said what makes this insect so amazing and how do we build a fly that will imitate it as closely
as possible. this is how how they came up with this simply perfect design. The awesome features that make this series so real is the
one piece integrated head, legs, and antenna thorax. A low profile channel on all abdomen and thorax parts so every fly will have
an extremely low flat profile, natural proportions, and realistic movement along with a newly designed abdomen and tails. The
redesigned wing buds and abdomen backs along with several new exclusive natural colors simply make the Evolution Series. The
only thing we didn’t add were flames it just didn’t need ‘em. Tie a new Hemingway’s Evolution Series Stonefly to the end of your
leader and let the fish be the judge!

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